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Are Boys Better Than Girls At Math?


Are Boys Better Than Girls At Math?Are Boys Better Than Girls At Math?

When you were in grade school, did you ever wonder…are boys better than girls at math?

I know I just didn’t think I was very good at math.  Partly I think because my mom told me she had never been good at math, I my assumption was that I wouldn’t be good either.

There’s a very good article in Psychology Today written by Jane Huchinson, M.P.P. that I want to share with you.  In the article she says in part:

“…throughout the elementary school years, boys and girls perform similarly across a majority of basic numerical tasks (e.g. number comparison, quantity comparison, number ordering) that are known to be predictive of more complex math processing (Lyons et al., 2014). Similarly, Kersey et al. (2018) published evidence for a lack of gender differences on early number skills in a sample of 500 children ranging in age from 6 months to 8 years. The fact that Kersey et al. failed to detect evidence of gender differences at 6 months old is particularly important as this suggests not only that males and females display equal numerical competencies from birth, but that any gender differences observed later on are most likely the result of sociocultural influences rather than intrinsic differences between the sexes.”

It’s a good read, and in my opinion is important to all parents of girls.  The unintentional messages we send to children based on our own experiences can be instrumental in shaping that child’s perception of herself.

For all of us to succeed and be our best as well as to be our best “upbeat” selves, we need to not limit or share limiting perceptions with children.  It’s a tough one I know, but staying positive and stopping negative thoughts helps us all.

Perhaps you’ll glean some insights from this article.

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