Coping with Holiday Depression

Coping with Holiday Depression

There’s something very rare and very real when people who struggle with depression open up and share their struggles around coping with holiday depression.

As a recovering depressed person, I can always tell if the discussion is clinical and factual or if it is coming from the heart or the gut… There’s a pain that comes with depression that you can’t pretend.

I am always reading about depression; depression and food, depression and exercise, depression and state of mind thinking, etc.  Today I read a really good article written by Kasandra Brabaw.  In the article she shares the experiences of four women with depression at holiday time.  One writes:

People often joke about the suffocating holiday spirit that seems to hit store shelves earlier and earlier each year. Sometimes, you’ll find a giant plastic Santa in your local drugstore before the turkey has even been carved on Thanksgiving Day. With the Christmas carols, the cheesy Hallmark movies, and the wallet-busting shopping trips comes family togetherness. For many of us, that means listening to relatives we see once or twice a year argue about politics while we silently wish to be somewhere else.

Another woman writes:

Twenty years ago, Kelly Neff was experiencing a depression so deep she spent several days on her couch, unable to pull herself out of a fog. Yet, she also did her best to hide her depression from her husband and her family. She  isolsated herself  much as possible: “I was ashamed because I felt I was letting everyone around me down, and I was afraid because I did not understand what was happening to me, so I hid it until I couldn’t anymore. I just wanted to die,” she says.

The article is a good read whether you are depressed yourself or are just trying support a friend or relative who is coping with holiday depression.

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