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Finding Happiness

I learned to look for sadness, and I learned it from my father. I believe he didn’t intend to have it happen, but he endured many tragedies and sorrows during his lifetime; many of them when he was very young. I’m working on finding happiness these days.

It was suggested to me years ago that maybe he was just trying to share his sadness. I can understand that, but I learned my lessons a little too well on this one. As with many of us, awareness comes over time, and finding the courage to deal with your personal or mental reality also comes to you over time.

My journey online began with my first blog, “Thin Strong Healthy”. This second blog, “Major Upbeat Me”, was frankly added in part to be able to build my twitter presence through a now defunct tool, the name of which I can’t even remember. “Major Upbeat Me” has become a favorite place of mine so I can share with all those in the world who are working toward greater happiness in their lives. This post in particular I have been longing to write for a while.

Many of you who follow me know I have had sheep for the past 20 years. Last fall, I adopted 6 lambs who needed permanent homes to escape the slaughter house. They have been a continuing source of joy (and a lot of work), and I look forward to every day I have with them.

My vet said when she met them last fall, “You’re going to have sheep for a very long time!”. My response was that I certainly hope so! They are a lot of work, and they’ve knocked me on my butt more than once. I tell my chiropractor they will either kill me or keep me young. I’m betting on the keep me young part.

Most afternoons, I go spend extra special time with them. We sit on their rocks that I call their jungle gym, because when they first arrived, they ran up and around them like it was a playground – so joyous! We also play with balls I bought them. The BabyDoll Southdowns are the ones who have taken to playing with the balls while the larger sheep are not really that interested. I keep trying though. Here’s a short video of the day after they arrived that my friend Connie Ragen Green refers to as the Lamb Carousel:

This week they will be shorn, and I’ll be happy when that’s over. It will be traumatic for them and will be followed by the organic animal crackers they love as a reward. It’s supposed to rain the day the shearer is scheduled, and we have to keep them dry, so they’ll be in the stall until the afternoon. Not the best weather report for shearing.

I want to circle back to the subject of this writing – “Finding Happiness”. I believe if you can learn to find sadness, you can train yourself to look for happiness. If you love animals as I do, a pet or pets will be a good place to start.

Spending time with animals has been proven to reduce blood pressure and improve your mood. Believe me when I tell you there are few feelings that are better than knowing you saved an innocent animal and gave them a safe and loving home; especially when the odds of them ever having that are slim to none as they are for sheep.

By the way, the photo at the top is of Maggie and me. Maggie is the leader of the group, and she does this with grace and humility. She’s not bossy, but she can be assertive if she needs to be to keep the group in line. It’s cool to watch her get up and go to a different part of the corral and see them all get up and follow her.

I’ve planned that two or three of the lambs will be therapy sheep and will go to assisted living and memory loss units in the area to cheer others up and delight them with their beautiful gentle sheep ways.

Are you in need of finding happiness? It’s never too late to move in the direction of looking for it and finding it! Took me decades to realize I had learned to look for sadness, and I’m still a work in progress on changing that in my life. It’s worth the effort!

If you’d like to check out other videos of the gang, I have them in a playlist on YouTube. You can see more of them here, and while you’re there, please subscribe to my channel. I would greatly appreciate it!

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Cheryl A Major, CNWC

Cheryl A Major, CNWC

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