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The Negative Self-talk Loop in Your Head

Negative Self-talk LoopThe Negative Self-talk Loop in Your Head

How do you stop the negative self-talk loop in your head?

This is a question frequently asked question. I think the number has actually increased with all we’re dealing with this year. The question is, “How to stop the negative self-talk loop in your head and get moving again”.

When I accidentally “disappeared” my decades-long struggle with chronic depression because of the dietary changes I made, it became abundantly clear to me that health isn’t just about food and your physical health; it’s about your mental health and what your “feed” your head.

I find on my darkest days, and I still occasionally have them (depression is in my gene pool), the inertia is what challenges me most. The inability to move my body and my mind to do something, anything, can be the hardest part. Then the negative self-talk loop starts in my head; maybe it starts in yours too. How do we stop that loop and move on to more positive thoughts?

I’ve found just doing something, anything, is what gets me going…what gets me to stop the negative loop in my head. Even if I don’t believe it or feel it at the time, to repeat something positive about myself or about the situation in which I find myself, is the beginning of movement out of the negative loop.

Just last week, for reasons that aren’t important here, I had a day when I just felt like sitting with my head in my hands and waiting for time to pass. I was in a bad place with inertia. While that may have been how I felt at the time, the thinking part of my brain, the part that was not on auto-loop, knew allowing that behavior to define my day was not in my best interest. Allowing myself to continue that way for the rest of the day would just make me feel worse.

I forced myself to write, to begin a blog post. While I love to write, I just didn’t feel like it this particular day. I also needed to write the dialogue and do a Power Point presentation for a webinar to finish up a course I had been working on. Didn’t want to do that either.

I opened up an old Power Point presentation, saved it to the new subject and just made myself start to switch out the images to new ones relevant to the topic at hand. It was interesting to observe myself doing this, and soon I got into the swing of things and had more energy to do it. I felt better about myself and about my day because I was being productive. Pretty soon, I realized I had gotten out of the negative loop in my head.

Negative Self-talk LoopI am blessed or challenged (you can choose) by a number of drama queens in my life, both family and friends. Sometimes I choose not to engage, but that can be tough when you are a support person. Here are some of the tips I share with the people in my life, my circle, my coaching clients when they get stuck in the vortex of negativity and need some help getting back on a more positive track:

  • Listening to positive messages
  • Surround yourself with positive images and quotes
  • Practice positive self talk
  • Practice gratitude (be grateful and slow your breathing 2x/day for just a minute or two; I do before breakfast and dinner)
  • Journal daily – list 10 things you’re grateful for – don’t filter…just brain dump
  • Tell people you are an optimist – you can transform yourself if you deliberately put positive thoughts in your mind; with repetition, they can become true and can direct your life
  • Pull yourself away from the past and from painful memories
  • Focus on today and enjoy looking ahead and planning for the future
  • Don’t spend too much time watching TV, news and on social media
  • People love drama – it can take you down a dark path. You have the ability to choose; choose positivity and light instead


I often think Nike came up with the best three words there are to help stop the  negative self-talk loop:

Just do it!

If you need support with being more optimistic, and who doesn’t, please take a look at my new course, 

I created this to support you during times when you are challenged to stay optimistic in your life. There is a journal/planner that will really help you put your thoughts and feelings down on a daily basis so you can look back and see the progress you are making as you consciously work toward becoming a more optimistic person!

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Cheryl A Major, CNWC

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I don’t just teach this; I live it!

Cheryl A Major, CNWC

P.S. For more information, please follow me on Twitter – Facebook –

P.P.S. Please subscribe to my YouTube Channel –

I don’t just teach this; I live it!








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