Introverts Can Enjoy Morre Social Confidence
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4 Ways Introverts Can Enjoy More Social Confidence

Social confidence is important for building relationships. This is true of the introvert, the extrovert and the average person who is somewhere between those two ends of the personality spectrum.

It’s possible to enjoy a much more successful career when you have powerful social skills. Your personal relationships benefit greatly. The person who’s confident when interacting with others has a high level of self-esteem. They enjoy a powerful self-belief that they are capable when they find themselves in social situations.

This is not to say introverts don’t live wonderful, rewarding lives. They simply have a view of their best life that’s different from an extroverted person.

By the way, it’s often suggested or believed introverts despise interacting with people. That’s almost never the case. It’s simply that they would prefer to spend more time on their own. That’s how they recharge their batteries. The extroverted person does the same recharge, but they do it by spending more time with other people. Neither is right or wrong; they’re simply different.

That being said, introverts often desire to improve their social skills. They understand they can improve one or more aspects of their lives if they had more confidence when interacting with people. If this sounds like you, here are four ways that have been proven to help introverts build confidence in social settings.

Don’t Overdo It

Introverts can enjoy socializing just as much as extroverts. In fact, in many cases they do. The difference is that the introverted person loses physical and mental energy from socializing too frequently or for too long.

If you want to perform better in social situations, try limiting your exposure. Plan short periods of time where you’re going to expand your social skills over the next week or the next month. When you feel your energy begins to wane, return home or wherever it is you feel most comfortable and recharge your batteries.

Be Prepared 

You may be an introvert who doesn’t have a great deal of experience interacting with others. It’s okay. You actually can learn how to socialize. Doing some prep work before you know you’re going to deal with others can be very helpful.

Think of the conversation beforehand. What will the environment going to be like? Who will be there? This type of prep work can help you succeed in social situations and feel more capable and confident.

Be Patient with Yourself

Be patient with yourself. Big accomplishments don’t happen overnight. If you’re extremely introverted, work take one step at a time to become more comfortable socially.

Maybe the first thing you want to do if you’re extremely uncomfortable in the outside world is to practice leaving your house. While this may sound silly, some people are terrified of leaving home. If this describes you, you might leave your home and walk 100 feet down the road knowing you can then turn around and walk back. If that’s a big deal for you, give yourself a huge pat on the back for this success and build on it.

Once you’re comfortable leaving your house, practice looking a stranger in the eye and saying “hello” or “good morning”. Once you can do that, you can strike up a brief conversation with a stranger. Something simple like the weather is a good place to start. Take one small step at a time, and before you know it you’ll have walked a mile down the road to improving your social skills.

Think Like a Successful Salesperson

The best salespeople get excited when they hear, “No.” They know every rejection gets them closer to  their next “yes”; to making their next sale. You can look at social rejection the same way. See the situation objectively. What can you learn? What did you do right? What did you do wrong? Take rejection or social failure as an opportunity to grow, to get better, and then move on.

Introverts aren’t necessarily afraid of people. In fact, they usually aren’t. They just prefer to spend a minimal amount of time in the presence of others. If this describes you, and you want to build your social confidence, the tips I just shared can help. Putting them into practice can make you feel more comfortable when you do interact with people. You’ll also feel deservedly proud of yourself for stepping out of your comfort zone and improving your social confidence!

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