The Benefit of Being Optimistic

The Benefit of Being OptimisticThe Benefit of Being Optimistic for You

You Have More Control

Admittedly, the benefit of being optimistic is an important topic. I believe one of the most important benefits of being optimistic is that is gives you the feeling you have more control over your life and over what happens to you.

Rather than playing the victim and feeling you are powerless to affect the outcome of what is happening to us, being optimistic gives you hope even when things may be quite dark in your life.

Sometimes this means having to compartmentalize what is wrong or a challenge and slogging through some “stuff” to get to the other side, but having a deep belief you can improve your situation regardless of what is happening or in spite of those around you, is wonderfully empowering.

Emotional Well-being

Being optimistic improves your emotional well-being. If you choose to train your brain to think more optimistically, you will be better able to handle challenges you will experience in your life.

When you choose to adopt an optimistic attitude you will feel less stressed and less burned out even when you are working your way through stressful events. When you feel you are on solid ground emotionally, it will trickle into every other area of your life.

Physical Well-being

An optimistic attitude has a positive effect on your physical well being. When you focus more on negative experiences, you will tend to accomplish less, not be as enthusiastic about your goals and frankly, you will have poorer sleep quality than do optimistic individuals.

Tackling a new goal or creating a new habit requires change, and change is uncomfortable for many of us. I have always admitted to being the poster child for resistance to change. However, it is important for your continued growth as a person that you learn to embrace the idea that change is good. Having an optimistic attitude is one very good way to take on new changes and new challenges.

When you’re optimistic, it can affect your sleep patterns and habits as well. With a positive outlook that all will be well, optimistic people can rest more easily at night. A better night’s sleep means so much:

  • More energy
  • Less fatigue
  • Higher productivity during the day
  • Successful completion of tasks and projects


The Benefits of Optimism for Others

An optimistic attitude benefits those around you as well.

Have you ever met someone who radiates positive energy? They walk into a room and people are magnetically drawn to them! The odds are very good those attractive people have an optimistic attitude.

Being optimistic invites others to be optimistic, as well. When you maintain an optimistic attitude, even when you are confronted with someone who is less than positive, you set the bar for other people to know that you are in control of your demeanor, actions, and reactions. You also demonstrate to them by your positive attitude that their demeanor, actions, and reactions are their responsibility.

You have choices as to how you handle challenges in your life. I hope you’ll remember that being optimistic is a benefit to you and to those around you. If you feel you need some help in becoming more optimistic, I have just the thing to help and support you!

I’ve put together a course, now available in home study that has so much information to help you change your mindset and become more optimistic. You can take a look at all the things offered here:  Embrace Optimism

In your life, I hope you’ll choose optimism!

Please let me know if you have questions. I’m always happy to hear from you!

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Cheryl A Major, CNWC

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Cheryl A Major, CNWC

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