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Being an Entrepreneur

Being an EntrepreneurWhat does it feel like being an entrepreneur?

To answer this question, I decided to write down the first five words that came to me in rapid succession.

These words to describe being an entrepreneur are: exciting, creative, boundless, scary and challenging. Allow me to expand a bit on each of these words to better explain my experience and perception of being an entrepreneur.


Every day is new and different. There is no “same old” unless you choose it to be so. This comes with a down side believe it or not. Sometimes there is comfort and familiarity in repetition, especially if you are anything like me and depression is in your gene pool. Living with and managing depression is a lot of work, and sometimes “same old” is frankly easier.


I love to write and I also love images, so the writing, blogging and creating inspiring images with quotes are creative outlets I enjoy all the time. Being an entrepreneur allows you to stretch yourself creatively every day. In the beginning, the blogging was a bit daunting, but mostly because the tech part of getting the post into my site was new and different. I love tech, but it doesn’t always love me back.


I realize my potential to create, to grow, to inspire and to earn is boundless. Any limits are ultimately imposed by me; perhaps by my insecurities at times and sometimes by my challenge to get and stay methodical and organized. My biggest charge comes from being in front of a group, either live or on a Zoom presentation. At one time in my life I was a singer, and when performing, I loved having that connection with the audience. When you can feel them in synch with you and they feed you energy that you return to them…well, that is an experience that is hard to truly describe!


Sometimes having this much freedom to choose and to create can be scary. There is comfort (that word again) in having someone give you instructions or in having a deadline to meet. Of course, being an entrepreneur requires that you set and meet your own deadlines or the deadlines of a submission you’ve agreed to. Parkinson’s Law tells us our work expands to fill the time we give it to be completed. Is that ever true! It’s amazing how quickly I can crank out a project when I have to.


I spent more than twenty-five years as a residential Realtor, and I always said I continued to enjoy doing that because it was always changing. There was always something new to learn. The same is true when you are an entrepreneur. The technology is always changing, there is always a new and different vehicle for delivering content or someone is always running a new project or challenge in which to participate.

Being an entrepreneur allows you to once again decide what you want to be when you grow up. It is “youthifying” if you will; there’s a new word I just created. It frees you from the yoke of expected norms and allows you to dream outside the 9 to 5 ritual to which most of us have been bound at one time or another in our adult lives.

If you seek freedom and boundless opportunity; if you can manage some stress of the unknown and maneuver through a sometimes daunting learning curve, I whole heartedly recommend to sign on to a new adventure. Stretch yourself and see if you too are amazed by how you feel as an entrepreneur.

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