Is It Faith Or Optimism…

Faith or OptimismIs It Faith Or Optimism

Is it faith or optimism? Your faith can either unlock the door to success for you or keep you from ever experiencing it. It can be a positive power by which you realize the things you dream of, or it can be a negative power which causes you to live in despair and fear.

The faith we’re talking about here is not religious or even spiritual; it is a belief or outlook on life… you might call it optimism. This faith exists in the mind-body connection and is the miracle that leads ordinary people to lift a car when someone is trapped underneath it or to perform other impossible feats of strength in an emergency.

The mind-body connection is real. For instance, when we’re anxious and worried, we put stress on our bodies. This activates stress hormones like cortisol so our immune system is compromised and our resistance to disease is lowered. We become more vulnerable to bacteria, viruses, and other environmental hazards. Have you ever noticed that when you’re going through an emotional upheaval, you catch a cold? It’s not uncommon.

We can use this mind-body connection in a positive way to help us become successful. By becoming tough-minded optimists, we can use our intelligence and our energy to propel us forward toward success.

Use these techniques to build your optimism:

  • Tough-minded optimism combines realism and faith – first, you take a realistic look at the situation. Then you analyze the possible results. Finally, you work toward the most optimistic result.
  • Guard against depression – you have the ability to change your thoughts and change your feelings by what you focus on. If you find yourself becoming pessimistic or depressed, ask yourself why and change your focus. One thing you could do is to help somebody else. Volunteering doesn’t just help others; it helps your own self-esteem and attitude. And always remember to eat well especially during challenging times.
  • Do something you enjoy – whether it’s listening to music, reading a book, or going to a movie, take the time to reward yourself. You deserve it, and it’s important to you mentally, emotionally, and physically.
  • Pay attention to your vocabulary – do you use a lot of negative words or words that make you seem like a victim? Change them to positive words. Be the victor not the victim.
  • Be a lifelong learner – the world is full of new things to learn, and learning will keep you inspired and positive.
  • Take care of your health – it’s much harder to be successful at anything when you’re not healthy. Eat well, exercise, and take some time every day to relax.


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