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Setting Up Your Mental and Physical Environment to Develop Good Habits

Develop Good HabitsSetting Up Your Mental and Physical Environment to Develop Good Habits

When you’re trying to develop good habits, the environment you have set up for yourself can have a huge effect on whether you succeed. It can really support your efforts in a positive way when your surroundings are conducive to being successful.

It’s a good idea to begin by keeping your environment clutter free. Your focus on good habit development will be tougher if you have to fight through a wall of clutter. For instance, if one of your goals is to be more productive, it won’t help if you have to spend a good portion of your day trying to find the things you need. In addition, clutter has a negative psychological effect on people as it mentally limits your space. Use your time at home to clean out stuff that’s in your way and is slowing you down.

It’s not just physical clutter that’s a problem. Virtual clutter can be just as problematic. If you are spending lots of time wading through emails or searching your files for documents you saved weeks ago, it’s just as limiting as sifting through papers on your desk.

Organization is going to be a big help in managing clutter. Come up with a good system for both your physical and virtual worlds. There are plenty of books and online seminars that exist to help you handle a clutter problem. It will help if you can look at solving your clutter problem as developing a new habit.

Not having to search for things, whether physical or virtual is so important, if you have to take an entire day and sift through and organize yourself and your content, it’s so worth. I recently had to take a step back and do this myself with a membership site. I had forged ahead with ideas and enthusiasm and unfortunately, ended up with a big mess on my hands. A day later, it was cleaned up and manageable! It felt great to get it under control.

Another important aspect of your environment is your mental attitude. If you’re stressed out, and who isn’t these days, it’s going to take away from your ability to develop good habits. You’ll focus on what is stressing you out, and that will become your central target. Without taking the proper measures to reduce that stress, it will be difficult to make any progress with your desire to develop good habits. Without taking action, your stress will just mire you in negative thinking.

It’s important to keep “feeding” your mind positive messages and reading inspirational books and literature. One book I have been enjoying is “The Motivation Manifesto” by Brendon Burchard. I pick it up and read a few pages nearly every day. There is so much to consume in that book that’s healthy for your mind and your spirit that I consume it small bites at a time.

Brendon is one of the premier thought leaders and motivational speakers in the world today. His writing is uplifting and inspirational and can help you develop good habits. Just a few pages can give you a whole new perspective on your day, and frankly on your life.

Here’s something I read this morning, “No one around us can tear us from progressing toward our dreams. Believing otherwise is accepting the role of victim in life. Our day is ultimately our choice.”

Words like those apply even today when there is so much fear and uncertainty. We cannot give in to negative thinking, or we will spiral downward. There will be an end to what we are enduring now.

We will come through this. I believe, as challenging as it is, this can be a time for tremendous change and opportunity if we are equal to the task.

I have been criticized lately on social media for encouraging people to learn to eat to be well in these times when a bag of chips can look a whole lot more appealing than a fresh carrot for a snack. I get that, and I am challenged by it too some days. I just believe and know we cannot give up. Better days are ahead.

When I write and talk about eating to be and feel healthier, please know I do it with your best interest at heart. I always do it with the vision to help you develop good habits.

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