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How to Build a Gratitude Attitude — 2 Comments

  1. I agree with you wholeheartedly! Happiness based on stuff is never achieved, there is always something else. Happiness based on others does not work well either, they change.

    Happiness based on what is really important is lasting. For me, I am so grateful to have a relationship with Jesus Christ who loves me unconditionally and that will never change.

    Today I am grateful for being able to see the beauty around me, for the fresh growth of flowers and trees because we have had rain this last week which is not common for Texas in August!

    I am grateful for the soft green grass beneath my feet and the clouds floating gently by above me. I am grateful for my health and the ability to walk through my neighborhood in the evenings and greet total strangers and get a friendly reply in return….these are just a few things…there are more for tomorrow and the next day…and the next.

    P.S. and like you, Cheryl, I had a wonderful Dad who loved me and always made me feel special.Those memories never die!

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